Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju

Sport and recreation

Swimming pool

 "Banja Kanjiža" has two indoor pools with thermal water.

The large pool is 25m x 12.5m. 

The depth of the large pool is from 1.25m to 2.3m. 

Large pool temperature: 29-31 ° C. 

The small pool is 10m x 8m. 
The temperature of the small pool: 31-34 ° C.

Sports halls

The dimensions of the sports hall are 40 x 20 meters. 

The hall is equipped with complete equipment, 
has 600 seats and is suitable for holding championship matches, various events, 
concerts and recreational activities.

Tennis and
Table tennis

Two open tennis courts with complete equipment and props.

Table tennis
In the hall in front of the sports hall, guests have at their disposal two table tennis tables.

Workout room

The gym is equipped with 12 trainers, 2 bicycle ergometers and exercise mats, as well as various props 
(ripstool, benches, dumbbells, weights) for lifting weights, for fitness and recreational exercises.